October 20-24

World Literature

Eternal Youth vs Eternal Life synthesis papers are due 10/22

Personal Mission Statements due 10/24

Begin Local Philanthropist research projects 10/23 and are due 11/7. Presentations will begin 11/7.

British Literature

Conclude Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales: Prologue

Medieval Physiognomy

Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales: “The WIfe of Bath’s Tale

“What Women Want,” “Is Chivalry Really Dead?”

Vocabulary Unit 3 Quiz Friday 10/24


October 14-17

British Literature

Introduction to Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

Historical Context: The Middle Ages

Geoffrey Chaucer Biography

What is Middle English?

Who is St. Thomas A’ Becket

“The Prologue” of Canterbury Tales

World Literature

Ancient Hebrew text The Story of Ruth

How do we define this generation?

How is community important?

Philanthropist Biography PowerPoint (due Thursday)

The Gift of All film highlighting Baby Boomer philanthropists of Grand Rapids, MI