April 27-May 1, 2015

Writing, writing, writing….Testing, testing, testing…

World Literature

This week we will complete A Doll’s House, study guide, Act III quiz, and review vocabulary.

British Literature

Everyone worked so hard on our practice writing tests. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we’ll have “the real deal”. You may review this Essay Format handout before then.

Thursday and Friday we will be rewarded for our efforts to prepare you all for a fantastic Junior year! – Bring your vocabulary books!


April 13-17, 2015

Time to come back! 6 More Weeks! Time to learn all that we can before we go to the Next Level!

World Literature

Monday – Review Acts 1 and 2.

Tuesday – SLO testing.

Wednesday – A Doll’s House Act III

Thursday – Act III complete

Friday – Vocabulary 13 Quiz, Review Act III for Quiz Monday!

A Doll’s House Quiz Monday, April 20.

Humanity synthesis papers due Friday, April 24.

British Literature

The Writing Process … yet, again. Oh, what JOY is the written word!

Monday – Analyzing a Visual Text and define persona.

Tuesday – Examining an Informational Text

Wednesday – Writing a theme statement based on a text.

Thursday – Analyzing arguments

Friday – Trace a theme through different texts.

Vocabulary 14 Quiz Friday, April 24 with the following idioms:

  1. Lion’s share
  2. Lip service
  3. Looking a gift horse in the mouth
  4. Make a mountain out of a mole hill
  5. Make hay while the sun shines
  6. Money burning a hole in one’s pocket
  7. Most unkindest cut of all
  8. Nose out of joint
  9. Nose to the grindstone
  10. Pandora’s box
  11. Partners in crime
  12. Pass the buck
  13. The real McCoy
  14. Run of the mill