Study Guides

For the past 2 weeks, our exam study guides have been posted on the board. Definitely review the previous blog posts for helpful resources. Just in case you forgot, dig these items out of your binders for review:

World Literature

A Doll’s House Study Guides 1-3

Sample Works Cited Page

Mardi Gras/ World Mythology Notes

Iliad Flow Chart

Chapter 4 Creating Sentence Variety p. 45-47

Edith’s Hamilton’s Mythology Notes

The Vinegar Tasters Notes

Vocabulary Lessons 8-14 words:

exegesis          pander          puerile       recalcitrant       corroborate

penultimate     luminous       majordomo      tacit           disingenuous

impresario       malaise         wont           bellicose          condescending

epiphany         wizened        analgesic     conflagration   draconian

veritable         curmudgeon   fiduciary       repugnant

British Literature

Sample Works Cited Page

Shakespeare Fill-In the Blank Notes

Othello Acts 1-5 Study Guides

5 Close Reading Steps

Thematic Statement Notes from Ozymandias/Theme handouts

Understanding Shakespeare “Sonnet 18” p. 5 (gray box)

Chapter 8: Turning Passive Verbs into Active Verbs

Vocabulary Lessons 8-14 Words:

abhor          austere                   droll         duplicity          contrite

emulate       heinous         magnanimous     fiasco           feasible

epistle         harangue      gargantuan       evince             incarcerate

sanction      acquit            circumvent         frugal             myriad

pernicious   amicable        charlatan          hoax               novice