August 28, 2015 for 8/31-9/4

Aliens in America

Tomorrow we will present our “Aliens in America” group projects. Our presentations will be the summative assessments for our Family: Comfort vs. Conflict unit. Be sure to have your copies of Mexican Whiteboy by Matt de la Pena.

On Monday, 8/31, we will conclude our “Aliens in America” presentations. Be sure to update your student blog with your reflection “What makes a family: The Good, The Bad, and the ‘Say What?'” that discusses what we’ve learned about family comforts, conflicts, and uniqueness.

On Tuesday, 9/1, we will begin our Hispanic Heritage Month celebration with some Hispanic Heritage trivia. Bring your “A” game. We will also introduce the student teachers for our Hispanic Heritage mini-lessons for the month of September. We will begin discussion of Mexican Whiteboy.

We also begin Unit II: Education, Race, and Gender – Finding My Way. We discuss how people from different backgrounds grow from childhood to maturity and become their unique selves in the process. This month will definitely be a time for you all to develop your talents, personalities, attitudes, habits, opinions, and express what’s on your minds.We will explore what are our primary and secondary influences, and why they are so effective in our decision-making.

Our Vocabulary for this week:

gratifying          enlightened          posthaste          ruse          penchant          saccharine

edify                 aplomb                 cachet              stymied      reparation        ideographs

quintessential   arbitrarily              articulated        ginseng       monsignor      synaptic


On Wednesday, 9/2, we will read “I want to be Miss America” by Julia Alvarez in our text books. With the help of our student teachers, we will talk about childhood ideals, stereotypes and various cultural standards of beauty.

On Thursday 9/3, we will review the text, engage in socratic seminar about our hot topics and review vocabulary for Friday’s quiz.

On Friday, 9/4, we will quiz on vocabulary and notes from our student instructor.


August 18, 2015

Multicultural Literature

Congratulations! We’re over halfway through Unit 1  Family & Tradition: Comforts and Conflict

You have already submitted your first synthesis essay to my email address: We have been able to observe Haitian immigrant culture and specifically, the affects on first-generation Haitian-American offspring. We will continue to analyze the different kinds of families and how cultures and families collide in different settings.

Continue to study your personality profile vocabulary and your culture vocabulary for Friday’s quiz.

Remember, our 1st Binder Check will be Wednesday, August 26th. Be sure to have the following completed assignments:

  1. Syllabus
  2. Father’s Day Every Day Edit
  3. Close Reading Strategies Study Guide
  4. Author’s Purpose Words List
  5. Banned Words List
  6. Culture Vocabulary
  7. Haitian Culture Essay PreWrite (Graphic organizer, etc.)
  8. Essay Format Guide
  9. & 10. ** We will have 2 more assignments included by next Wednesday.

Your class binder should have the following tabs/dividers to stay college and career ready in class:

  1. Vocabulary
  2. Classwork
  3. Homework
  4. Quizzes/Study Guides

Heads Up!

In September, we will begin reading Mexican Whiteboy by Matt de la Pena. If you cannot purchase a copy by September 1, please see me.

We will be celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month during the month of September as we study Unit 2: Education, Race, and Gender: Finding My Way. Until then, be thinking of how you can utilize your talents, gifts, and abilities in the classroom.