September 28 – October 2, 2015

We made it back from Fall Break!

I hope you are all refreshed and ready to knuckle down and prepare for SAT, ACT, and ASVAB. Be aware that specifically in October we will acutely focus on post-graduate plans, skills, and preparation.

Our unit for October is Between Two Worlds: Organization, Economy, and Government. We will focus on our places and the purposes of each. This is a time to be actively engaged with each of these parts of culture and learn more about how people and these institutions work together.

Therefore, this week, we will conclude Unit Two with a Unit Test and Binder Check on Wednesday.


Vocabulary practice with root words, prefixes and suffixes and how those affixes change word meanings. We will continue to practice manipulating syntax and its affects on the meanings of a text.


We will review for Wednesday’s test and binder check. We will review: parts of speech, clauses vs. phrases, Hispanic Heritage trivia, and Mexican Whiteboy. We will practice writing periodic and loose sentences, imitate sentences with varied structures and how they affect meaning.


We will test Unit and complete a binder check. You need to have:

  1. Hispanic Heritage Trivia
  2. Cinco de Mayo Every Day Edit
  3. Family Rules Bell Ringer
  4. From the Rough Exit Ticket
  5. Aliens in America Comprehension Questions
  6. Without Commercials Comprehension Questions
  7. Racial Sobriety Cornell Notes
  8. Positive and Negative Stereotypes & how they are harmful
  9. 3 Levels of Reading/Questioning
  10. Unit 2 Essential Questions and Answers


We will define and discuss the purpose of government, organization, and economy and how it relates to different cultures.


We will read “democracy” by W. R. Rodriguez in the textbook and answer the comprehension questions associated with it. We will also take and discuss a practice SAT, ACT and ASVAB combination.



We have a change in plans due to my absence and the pep rally on Friday.

We will finish the film and combine Quiz 5&6 on 9/18. Please sign up for a donation to celebrate “the real” Mexican Independence Day.

Designated classmates have already signed up for food. You can offer to bring paper plates,  cups,  napkins, utensils, or tortilla chips. You may otherwise  bring $1 to go toward food costs or decorations.

Feel free to stay after school on Monday or come early by 7:30 to help decorate our classroom.

We will celebrate Mexican Independence Day with Hispanic food,  dance, music, and lessons on culture.

We will read “Sonia” in the textbook and discuss how education, gender, and religion influence young people today. We will take notes on the 3 Levels of Reading/Questioning:

Level I – Reading on the lines (Identification)

Level II – Reading between the lines (Analysis or Interpretation)

Level III – Reading beyond the lines (Application)

Homework: Blog Post #4 – Mexican Independence Day Reflection – What did you like? What did you learn? What was different?

We will complete “Sonia” and the comprehension questions. We will review racial sobriety, “Sofia,” and Mexican Whiteboy .

Quiz day


This week in Multicultural Literature

Monday: Labor Day – Bonus Point Blog post: What is the history of Labor Day? How would your life (or your parents’ lives) be different without it?

Tuesday:  What is Racial Sobriety? We will begin a close reading of select chapters from Dr. Clarence E. Williams,  Jr.’s Racial Sobriety: Becoming the Change You Want to See. I will introduce Cornell Notes and we will practice Cornell Note Taking  and Higher Level questioning skills in groups.

Wednesday: We will complete our higher level questions and answers; identifying and explaining key terms and rhetorical devices and discussing the real life relevance of the chapters.

Thursday: We will relate Mexican Whiteboy to Racial Sobriety. Be prepared to use textual evidence from both texts and class notes.

Friday: Quiz Day

Mexican Whiteboy by Matt de la Pena

Homework this evening is to read pages 1-11 of Mexican Whiteboy by Matt de la Pena. Until further notice, reading circles will be held in my class, on Tuesdays and Thursdays in room 901 from 3:35 – 4:35.

Attendance is totally optional, but strongly encouraged if you cannot purchase a book or yours has not yet arrived by mail. The class sets cannot be loaned outside of school, but are for classroom use only. Students and/or parents are invited to participate in our reading circle so that everyone can be up to date on our reading, comprehension and writing.

And of course, guided notes will be taken during the group reading.