November 16-20, 2015

If you plan to be out before the break, don’t forget to get you Thanksgiving Enrichment Assignments!


Review Answers for comprehension questions for “Beets” by Tiffany Midge and “Earth and I Gave You Turquoise” by N. Scott Momaday.

Define Symbolism, Symbol, and Imagery.

Compare and Contrast Native American Literature.


Define Motif and Theme 

Notes from Theme and Motif Powerpoint

Classify symbols, themes, and motifs from Native American Literature video


Define different types of imagery

Read Adventures of an Indian Princess  and answer comprehension questions from class.


Imagery Exercises


African-Americans in the American West

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 2-6, 2015

This is the last work week for you service projects. Your check points for this week include:


Writing research papers sections 1 & 2 in class.

Don’t Forget to Cite evidence from your researchers’ documents


DBQ Lessons in History Classes / ACES in Lit Class


It’s All About that ACE

Guess how your essays will be graded? We practiced writing styles for 2 weeks and reviewed ACES 3x! Don’t waste class time. Write your papers in MLA Format! Be sure that Recorders are logging your daily work.


Prepare group presentations. Will you have a slide show, Powerpoint Presentation, Prezi, demonstration?


Last day to prepare. Check your PBL Project Rubric. Review your PBL research paper rubric. Begin to share recorder’s daily logs and peer edit Research Paper Sections 1 & 2 for your group members.

Saturday and Sunday

Complete Service projects and be prepared to present on Monday and Tuesday!