March 21-25, 2016


Round 2 of the Common Assessment. This time it counts as it will next time.


What should a young adult consider when applying for a job? We will read articles with tips for young adults seeking employment:

“Tips for Safely Employing Young Workers”

“12 Tips for Entry-Level Job Seekers”

“Benefits and Risks of Adolescent Employment”


What are the benefits of living in a rich country?

What are some of the problems faced by people living in a poor country?

How could your future career(s) be useful anywhere else in the world?

What are the poorest countries in the world?

What are the richest countries in the world?

If you are undecided in your post-graduate plans, have you considered Peace Corps?


We will plot those 10 richest and 10 poorest countries on the maps from Wednesday.

What are the 10 highest paying jobs?

What about the 10 lowest paying jobs?

What if you had either of these jobs somewhere else in the world? Plan a budget for a month on that salary?


We have a 7-10 page paper on “Living on a Dollar a Day” due 4/12/16. Your essay must be MLA Format:

  • 1 inch margin all around
  • 11-12 pt Arial or Times New Roman Font, Double Spaced
  • Include MLA Header (Top Right  corner Last Name Page #) on every page
  • Works Cited page separated on the last page
  • MLA Header top left of 1st page (Name/Subject/ Teacher’s Name/ Date)
  • Title

Remember, each of the 20 discussion questions require 1 paragraph and the extended lesson questions require at least 3 paragraphs.

A 7 page paper will not earn an A. That is the minimum requirement. Be sure to cite the film (even if that is your only source) and any other sources you might use for information. Bring your handout to begin answering questions in class.

Need some extra credit? Read All About it!


March 14-18, 2016


Why should you be hired?
What are your greatest skills?
What are your greatest areas of weakness?
What kind of job do you want?
What kind of career do you want?

How can enduring disadvantages in life help you to be a better candidate for a job? Watch Regina Hartley explain “Why the Best Hire Might Not Have the Perfect Resume.” Write  a 2X2X2 note page on what stood out to you (2 from the beginning, 2 from the middle, and 2 from end of the video).


5 minute free-write “What job experience (in/out of school) have you had?
What community service have you done that might have included skills beneficial to a job?
If you haven’t done any, what should you do?

Answer the 25 most commonly asked interview questions.
Complete mock interviews with classmates
Revise answers to fit the jobs that you would want to apply for?
What should you wear to an interview?
For Guys , & Girls:

Homework: Post  a pic on your blog of what you’d wear on an interview based on what you learned today.



Binder Check #3

  • Notes on Loose & Periodic Sentences (see 2/29-3/4 Blog)
  • Subordinating Conjunctions List
  • Government Vocabulary Sentences
  • EQ’s from Government, Organization & Economy Pt 1 (see 2/29-3/4 Blog)
  • “Sonia” comprehension questions (homework from 3/4)
  • Verbals notes (Gerunds, Participles, and Infinitives from videos on 3/7-3/11 Blog)
  • Bless Me, Ultima study guide sections 1-3 (Chapters 1-22)
  • Career Planning Tool from 3/14
  • EQ’s from  Government, Organization, & Economy Pt 2 (Monday)
  • Notes from TED Talk

Practice interviews in 3 rounds with other classes: Face to face; group interviews; phone interviews. Candidates present their rough draft resumes; Interviewers ask top 25 interview questions and evaluate candidates based on rubrics.

What were some of the best responses?
What were some behaviors/responses that stood out to you as an interviewer?
How do you think you might be a better job candidate after this experiment?
What else do you feel like you need to practice to prepare for a job interview?


Guest speaker on professionalism
Discuss Resume templates

Draft resumes on paper


Type resumes in the lab.

March 7-11, 2016

All this week we will set aside class time to read and discuss Bless Me, Ultima. Be sure to keep up with reading on the blog at home.


What is a gerund? We will learn about this type of verbal and practice writing using this advanced grammar.


What is a participle? How does it differ from a gerund? How would you punctuate it?


To Infinity and Beyond – Buzz Lightyear. Learn about infinitives and their different roles in syntax.


What if you only had $1 a day to survive. We will watch Living on One, a documentary that follows 4 college students who examine extreme poverty in the most rural area in Guatemala. As we watch the film, we will answer thought-provoking questions and analyze economy around the world.


We will discuss the film and the answers to the comprehension questions. Also, we will examine how microeconomics, government, and organizations affect the quality of life for all. If time permits, we will take the Bless Me, Ultima test. Otherwise, we will push it to Monday.