August 22-26, 2016

Archetypes in Literature

Binder Check is Wednesday in both classes. Please see below for all the required assignments. ** Not every section received all of the work. Check with your classmates/teacher.**


Evolution/Neolithic Notes

Cuneiform Worksheet**

Hammurabi’s Code Worksheet

Mesopotamia Map

The Hero in You Do Now

Coordinate/Cumulative Adjectives (2 sheets)

Mesopotamia Vocabulary – defined

Epic Vocabulary – defined

Gilgamesh Questions**

Mesopotamia Chapter 8 Response Items**


Honors/On-Level : Create an Archetypal flip-chart. Include the name, description, and an example of archetypes to help you study.

AP: Share your Hero’s Journey Film examples; how are some interpretations more complex than others. Do the themes in the films vary greatly or not? Do the values of the people and places greatly differ?


Honors/On Level: Apply the mono-myth to film (The Dark Crystal, Pirates of the Caribbean, or The Last Unicorn)

AP: Read the Flood Story from Genesis and begin the story of Ruth. Compare and contrast the Flood stories. Discuss Ruth as a heroine and the significance of this story to ancient Hebrew culture.

Friday: Quiz


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