August 29-September 2

Intro to Hebrew Literature


What is characterization? How can a writer tell/show us a character? Direct characterization, Indirect characterization, and motivation are techniques an author uses to make a character more realistic.

How might we try to characterize Gilgamesh?

Who are the key players when we read ancient Hebrew texts? View the video about the history of Judaism and Christianity:

What would be some of the motivations behind sacred texts? What are the roles of the main characters (men, women, deities, rulers) in ancient texts and ancient civilizations?

Read the Genesis Flood Story. Compare and Contrast the Mesopotamian and Hebrew Flood stories

AP/Honors Extension

History of Judaism – Read & prepare to discuss on Tuesday/Thursday


2nd Block will take the World History Student Learning Objectives Test.

Examine the role of women in ancient literature/civilizations. ruth-scan? View the powerpoint to prepare to read the text.


Vocabulary Quiz



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